Topcon's on grade laser receiver for machine automation. Grade control solution for indicate and machine control automatic capability for dozers, scrapers, excavators, backhoes, and drag boxes.

  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • 360 degree detection
  • Multi-color LED display
  • Wireless & CAN compatible
  • Plumb/Tilt indication
  • On-grade matching


  • Versatile and designed for maximum user convenience
  • Digital readout to confidently deliver elevation and vertical alignment control on demand
  • Extra-wide beam capture sensor
  • Large and bright LCD displays (front & rear) features 9 channels of grade information and digitally show the distance to on-grade
  • 3 colored LEDs and a strong magnet are imbedded for vertical operation

Topcon laser receivers allow a single crew member to quickly and accurately finish any job- from sub-base leveling to concrete finishing.

  • Two way communication
  • Alert and laser battery status 
  • 5 levels of LCD and display        precision
  • Extended battery life